Eat Right For Your Blood Type

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Hunters & Gatherers is Desafio’s new culinary adventure, home of the food that makes you feel good.

We start with locally sourced ingredients, which are prepared fresh into a diverse menu designed to cater to different diets based off of personal blood types. Check out below what eating right for your blood type might look like.


Type O

Grilled chicken breast and veggies, garden fresh salad with tomatoes and an onion medley salsa, candied pumpkin, and mint infused water. This diet is great for Type-O eaters, who are looking to get their fill on complex proteins and vegetables, while going lighter on the grains and veggies.


Curcuma rice, slow-cooked black beans, grilled veggies, a garden fresh salad with a mango ginger salsa, a side of fresh ripe fruit, and a mug of Costa Rican coffee. This plate is perfect for Type-A eaters, whose bodies tend to process vegetarian food more readily, and still get their fill with lots of fruits, veggies, beans, and grains.

Type A


Type B

Sweet potato puree, grilled veggies, a garden fresh salad with hardboiled egg and pico de fallo, candied pumpkin, and a cool sour guava juice. This dish is designed for Type-B diners, who tend to feel best eating green veggies, eggs, and lean proteins, while steering clear of wheat, tomatoes, beans, and chicken.



Grilled veggies, farm-fresh curd, white rice, a garden fresh salad with shredded beets and a sweet passionfruit dressing, and a cold passionfruit juice. This plate is a best-fit for those eating with Type-AB blood, for whom seafood, dairy, and green vegetables make the best staples, and whose bodies tend to want to avoid caffeine. If you’re looking for an afternoon pick-me-up, you could also try one of our caffeine free teas from the tea bar.


Type AB