What’s Cooking?

Executive chef and proud Costa Rican Elizeth has crafted the menu at Hunters & Gatherers to honor the rich land on which this restaurant is built. She uses locally sourced meats, fruits, vegetables, and sides and prepares the dishes with a delicate touch to let their natural and complex flavor profiles shine through. In true Desafío fashion, the menu is topped off with five levels of spice in our salsas to cater to every culinary adventure. From the light and sweet Class 1 passionfruit, to the spicy undertones of the Class 5 pineapple chile salsa, take your tastebuds for a ride.

Buffet Walk 1

What’s it like to gather your own plate at H&G? Take a look below and see for yourself.

Buffet Walk 2

Buffet Walk 3

Garden Fresh Lettuce

Alright, I’ve just finished Gravity Falls and I feel so alive! A salad sounds like a great way to refuel my body. I’ll grab enough greens to load up with toppings and one of those salsas I spy ahead.

Grated Carrots

With my type O blood, I’m looking to get my fill of veggies. Some carrots sound like a nice and fresh way to fill out this salad.

Buffet Walk 4
Buffet Walk 5

Class 1- Sweet Passionfruit Salsa

Oh wow! I thought the rafting was done for the day, but I’m looking at “categories I-V” of salsa, and all I can think is, “How spicy am I feeling today?” This sweet passionfruit salsa would be great for my daughter. She “hates salad”, but a sweet touch may be just the thing to get her to go for some greens.



Class 2- Pico de Gallo Salsa

With my Type-O blood, my body craves meat. I saw some fresh grilled chicken breast on someone else’s plate, and this pico de gallo looks like the perfect thing to spread on top.

Buffet Walk 6
Buffet Walk 7

Class 3- Mango Ginger Salsa

Fresh sweet mango with a tangy ginger kick! One taste and I can already tell I’m coming back for seconds. The flavor is so light, yet so irresistible!


Class 4- Onion Medley Salsa

I live for strong flavors, so I see onion medley salsa with a class IV level of spice and I’m sold. I think i’ll go for two helpings, one for my salad, and another to mix in with my rice and chicken.


Buffet Walk 8
Buffet Walk 9

Class 5- Spicy Pineapple Salsa

The cool sweet start of pineapple, then that acidy bite in the center, with a spicy chile finish filled out with notes of cilantro? This salsa is paradise! I’m grabbing a second plate and filling it to the brim with this heavenly salsa and enough crispy plantain chips to indulge my desires. Provecho!

Homemade Plantain Chips

Crispy, light, savory, and sweet. I could eat them with one of the salsas, I could eat them with some rice and beans, or I could enjoy them on their own they’re so good. The only thing that’s for certain–I definitely didn’t leave enough free space on my plate for these.

Buffet Walk 10
Buffet Walk 11

Fresh Tomato Slices

One of the cooks was just telling me that with my Type-B blood, tomatoes aren’t as easy for my body to process. That explains why they never sit right with me. Now I’ve got a sure case

when my wife, a type A, tries to sneak some onto my plate.


Cucumber Slices

A bite of cool crisp cucumber sounds like the perfect thing to round out the mango ginger salsa on my salad. I’ll grab a couple of these.


Buffet Walk 12
Buffet Walk 13

Hard-boiled Egg

With my Type-B blood, certain proteins like chicken and beans can give me trouble, so I’m gonna grab some eggs for my salad so that I can balance my meal without upsetting my stomach.




I haven’t been able to eat enough of this since I got to Costa Rica. Curd is their local soft and fresh farmers’ cheese, and I love it’s smooth salty goodness.



Buffet Walk 15

Freshly Sliced Mango, Papaya, and Pineapple

What I already know i’ll miss most about Costa Rica: heaping piles of perfectly sweet and ripe tropical fruit. I had plenty of papaya for breakfast, so I think lunchtime calls for some mango and pineapple.

White Rice

The Costa Rican classic. Today I’m hit with a dilemma. Do I take the more standard rice, given I’ve already added three types of salsa to my plate, or do I go all in and serve myself…

Curcuma Rice

Curcuma Rice! Curcuma grows readily in the surrounding area, and when dried and ground into a powder adds a rich flavor and wonderful health benefits to any dish.


Buffet Walk 16
Buffet Walk 17

Grilled Chicken Breast

I’ve always leaned towards a protein heavy diet, and this buffet has got me thinking that these complex proteins are perfect for my body, given my Type-O blood.

Black Beans

Slow cooked with salt, pepper, and a hint of garlic, I’ve always leaned towards eating vegetarian, and now I’m starting to see that because of my type A blood, my body processes this more readily than more complex meat dishes.


Sweet Potato Puree

I have no room left. My plate is so full I’ve already got mango ginger salsa covering my thumb, but my tour guide told me I absolutely have to try this, it’s Elizeth’s specialty. Well, I guess I know where i’ll start when I come back for seconds.

Grilled Veggies

I’m a veggie lover, and I can see that these veggies are perfectly cooked, soft without being mushy, and well seasoned. I’m going for a double serving.

Candied Pumpkin

Now this looks like something I’ve got to try. The chef told me that she makes this gooey sweet dish just like her grandma always made it for her, and I can tell i’m in for a rich local treat.

Buffet Walk 18

Slow-Cooked Plantain

I can’t believe I’ve gone my whole life without enjoying the rich flavor of plantain. Since arriving to Costa Rica, I haven’t stopped eating it. All of the joy of sweetness, none of the guilt of a traditional dessert.

Buffet Walk 19

Drink Bar

I’ve been out on an exciting tour all day, and this tropical weather has worn me down. I need to hydrate, and this selection of ice-cold all-you-can-drink waters and juices is sure to hit the spot.

Infused Mint Water

I’ve already added so many flavors to my plate, that this light and crisp mint water with lemons seems like a nice balance.

Buffet Walk 20
Buffet Walk 21

Passionfruit Juice

Being surrounded by sweet fresh fruit flavors is this delicious reminder of how blessed I am to be here in the tropics.



Sour Guava Juice

I came to Costa Rica to adventure, and seeing the naturally bright green color of this tangy sour guava juice has completely piqued my curiosity. Grab me a glass, and cheers to another adventure!


Buffet Walk 22
Buffet Walk 4

Coffee & Tea Bar

Having spent the morning on a coffee tour, I am excited to pour myself a mug, and see if I can start to note the flavor profiles my guide was telling me about. Plus, it’s Costa Rica. When else am I going to get coffee this fresh?